Testimonials and Reviews

“I’ve been with Exxcel for years now and it’s become a family to me. The staff has each actor’s best interests at heart, helping to prepare him/her for the reality of show business by offering advice, workshops and on-site photographers and videographers - everything a performer needs to get started and get booked. The rest is up to you!”
— Jeanine Meyers
“We have had the opportunity to work with some of the top photographers and hair and makeup staff in the talent industry! Amelia has traveled numerous times to Atlanta and even to New York and Los Angeles for training and casting opportunities. Amelia has had opportunities we never dreamed would be possible until we became a part of Exxcel. More importantly, we have gained a new family. Everyone, from the top of the agency to the bottom, has treated us like royalty. Becoming a part of Exxcel was one of the best decisions we have ever made and we are excited to see where this journey will continue to take us!”
— Amelia Culpepper & Family
It is a great feeling knowing how hard Susan Lunetta and her entire team are working on our behalf. They truly care and are invested in the success of all the talent they represent. What separates Exxcel is the tremendous relationships and connections they have with professionals at the highest levels of the entertainment industry. From honing your craft with the best of Hallywood’s acting coahces to getting industry advice from successful working actors, Exxcel is constantly developing their talent. Through my own hard work, I know my dreams will become a reality — thanks to Exxcel!
— Tim Dwyer
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“Exxcel Model and Talent agency has made it possible for my daughters to experience the finer things in life. This company have shared their beautiful faces with the world and has never left an empty promise. The staff work very hard in exposing their clients to top leading directors and producers. They also provide the knowledge their talent needs to constantly grow physically and mentally. It’s a competitive business out here. That’s why I am glad we never miss an opportunity with Exxcel Model and Talent!”
I have been with Exxcel Model & Talent since December of 2015, and from the very beginning I knew that Exxcel was the agency for me They have helped me to grow and learn so much more about this industry through not only auditions, but the countless development opportunities and meet-and-greets they offer their talent. The whole team is always there when I have questions or concerns. I know they have so many amazing opportunities for me, and I cannot wait to see how far I can go with them.
— Sanaja Andre
Exxcel Model & Talent has not only boosted Sofia’s self-esteem with continuous positive reinforcement, but has worked very hard to give her networking opportunities with top-end professionals in the field of modeling and acting. Sofia’s love for this business has grown much more than we ever imagined, due to the opportunity to work under the supervision of Susan Lunetta and Exxcel Model & Talent. The staff works very diligently with her to secure as many opportunities as possible while giving her the professional in this field. Thank you, Exxcel!
— Sofia Tantillo & Family